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Nor Doth He Sleep

Nor Doth He Sleep

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Parts of this true but short story are scattered throughout my memoir, To Sing Frogs. Still, the real impact of this part of the book—so much of it playing out over the Christmas seasons of several years—was strongest when pulled from the rest of the story. Nor Doth He Sleep is the story of how my young adopted daughter, Sarah and her two friends refused to give up on each other, even after being adopted and moving away from their orphanages. It is a story of love, faith and miracles, with a very strong Christian message.

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Nor Doth He Sleep is now available with pricing discounts so that churches can give their members copies to help them focus on the real reason for Christmas. Organizations can use this program as a fundraiser for their own ministries by purchasing in bulk and reselling to their members who use the 5½” x 8½” booklets as gifts. Contact me for details.

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