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The Marvelous Journey Home

The Marvelous Journey Home

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The Marvelous Journey Home tells the remarkable story of parents and children coming together. This story, based on actual events, takes the reader through a rollercoaster of emotions as parents seek their child, who longs for the chance to have a family and travel home to a faraway place. With scenes situated from orphanages in small, remote Russian villages, to Moscow, and finally on to Amérika, “the fairytale land,” the reader is taken on a journey around the world, home again, and eventually, even far beyond. Filled with hope and disappointment, love and loss, happiness and despair, The Marvelous Journey Home draws the reader along by the heartstrings to an unexpected destination. Home is found in distant places, peace is found in unlikely circumstances, and family is always what matters most.

The Marvelous Journey Home was written for people who love a sweet story and happy endings. It is quite different from my next book, To Sing Frogs, which has been called “brutally honest.”

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For those of you who like touching, good stories, this IS for you! This is one of my all-time favorites. ★★★★★
- Sarah

A moving account of an international adoption. ★★★★★
- Cathy

This book is "thinly veiled fiction" based on the author's experience adopting from Russia. It presents the story from both the parents' and the children's points of view. It also intertwined with the worry of his mother's failing health, and lessons in faith, trust, and God's will. ★★★★★
- Shelley

Poignant account of one couple's adoption of two children from Eastern Europe. ★★★★★
- Jessica

Wonderful and heartwarming book about adoption from Russia. Having adopted two children myself, one from Russia and one from Kazakhstan, this story was heartwarming in its authenticity and love shown by the adoptive parents. ★★★★★
- Linda Morelli

I loved this book. It is a story about a family and their journey as they attempt to adopt a child from Russia. In the end there is a much deeper message to the story. ★★★★★
- Wendi

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