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To Sing Frogs Lite is an abridged version of my highly acclaimed memoir, To Sing Frogs. While both versions of the book are true, about 25% of the original book was removed to make the abridged version.

From the beginning, I was torn between wanting to make the story and its important concepts available to anyone and everyone (whether they could afford it or not), and my desire to use all profits from the book to benefit children who don’t have parents.

The answer to this paradox (and To Sing Frogs is full of paradoxes!) is To Sing Frogs Lite. Many of the literary devices used in To Sing Frogs have been removed in the abridged version, and some of the details—particularly of the adoption of the youngest son—are also absent from To Sing Frogs Lite.

Even though To Sing Frogs Lite is not as “literary” as it’s big brother, the wonderful story of three orphans from an atheist country, who prayed for and received miracles, comes through loud and clear. There is also the story of a cynical father (me) who experiences change and growth by learning to better understand my faith-filled wife and daughter.

By making this version of this story available, I hope that money will be provided to our family’s 501(c)(3) public charity, Ele Lembra (which provides help to children aging out of orphanages and other disadvantaged children), in two ways. First, I hope that readers who can afford to, will joyfully contribute to the cause of children who don’t have parents. Secondly, some of the links in this book are intended to be used to generate income from advertising, which will also be given to Ele Lembra.

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