John M Simmons

famOur family began in 1988 when Amy and I got married. During the first six years we had three biological sons; Mike, Cory and Steve. Amy and I had always dreamed of having boys and girls in our family, so when we could no longer have children biologically, we turned to adoption. Our first addition turned out to not be a girl. Amy, my three sons and I adopted Jack from Las Vegas when he was a month old. In the spring of 2005, when Jack was ten, we adopted Sarah, Celeste and Denney from Far East Russia. At that time Sarah was five, Celeste was not quite three, and Denney was not quite two. While Sarah and Celeste are biological sisters, Denney was not biologically related to the girls. While we were in the process of completing their adoptions, with more children than we had ever intended to have, we learned that Sarah and Celeste had older biological siblings in other orphanages. It took another eighteen months to find and adopt two biological sisters; Emily, who was fifteen and Annie who was fourteen. Our oldest, Mike, married Holly Smith in December of 2011 and they had our first grandchild, James, in the summer of 2013.

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